APSÜRDE [ʌpˈsɜːd] saw the light in 2011 with the common goal to provide the public with a complex audio-visual electronic experience. The members of the band are Ádám Szakács (lead vocal and composing), Gábor Csontos (keyboard, composing and programming)  and Ákos Szénási (keyboard, composing and visual). Linda Soucz support the band from the background with her beautifully deep lyrics. Since the guys are famous for being obsessed with the electronic sounds of the 80’s and 90’s their instrument arsenal includes legendary equipment such as:

MOOG Minimoog, ROLAND Jupiter 8, ROLAND Jupiter 4, MACBETH Modular, Emulator II, KORG MS-10, ROLAND SH-101, ROLAND JX8P, YAMAHA DX7, YAMAHA AN1X, KORG Monotron, CLAVIA NORD Lead2, KORG DSS-1, ACCESS VIRUS Indigo, ENSONIQ ASR-10, NORD WAVE, AKAI S 6000, SE-1X, ROLAND VS 1880, ROLAND JD 800, ROLAND JV 80, DeepMind12, VERMONA Synth…

Back to the future!

Ádám Szakács


Gábor Csontos


Ákos Szénási


“The long-awaited debut album “Inglourious Heroes” from Hungarian based trio APSÜRDE! Includes 12 tracks and 24 pages booklet!”


– ScentAir Records

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Latest Relealse

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